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Some frog sketches from this week…


Here is my favorite Brittney Williams shot of all the kiddos drinking their Lemonade under the pecan trees. My sisters and I are pretty crafty but I have to say these little guys are definitely the best things we’ve made…


And here’s one of my sisters and me…


Some more of my funny family in the pecan trees!


bwb5.jpgPhotographed by Brittney Williams.

Brittney Williams’s gorgeous photos of my youngest sister’s cute little family, including the first Leatham great-granddaughter (who came after too many boys to count)!

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Just heard that one of the cute little girls in Superboy’s preschool class told her mom that she’s going to be a princess when she grows up and she needs a prince. She
asked if she could marry Superboy but was worried because she knows he wants to be a superhero when he grows up and not a prince.