76 Lubricants and Nascar

In the Victory Lane

Fifty-one years ago, when the checkers welcomed the winner across the finish line at the very first NASCAR competition in Daytona, 76 Lubricants was there. Since then, our continuing sponsorship has proven the longest in the history of sports car racing. Our quality products are the choice of champions because, like them, we run a fast-lap around the competition, even in the most chassis rattling conditions.

Our winning tradition can be seen in action at NASCAR tracks across America. 76 Lubricants products are so well regarded that they are used by over 50 percent of all NASCAR Winston Cup winners, including this year’s winner Ward Burton in the Daytona 500. We take great pride in the fact that our products contribute to the success of these white-knuckled champs.

It’s no surprise that so many winners use the award winning 76 NASCAR line of lubricants. 76 High Performance Motor Oil contains anti-wear agents and contributes to less oil consumption between changes and better cold weather starts. 76 Synthetic Motor Oil provides outstanding oxidation resistance, low volatility for reduced oil consumption and superior high and low temperature protection even in extreme operating conditions.  76 NASCAR High Performance Gear Oil and 76 NASCAR High Performance Grease are the only gear oil and grease to carry NASCAR’s official automotive aftermarket logo.  They are specially designed for high performance racing vehicles operating in high speed and high temperature conditions. 76 Firebird LD Motor Oil is formulated with high quality re-refined base stocks and is the first re-refined lubricant used in NASCAR sanctioned events. This recycled oil helps preserve the environment by reducing oil waste, promoting proper disposal and eliminating the need to deplete virgin oil resources. With a product line as reliable and innovative as ours, drivers can sit back, relax, and watch the dust fan out in the rear view.

76 Lubricants is in the driver’s seat of the most demanding industry standards for quality and performance. Our specially designed line of products has become synonymous with the power, speed and strength that NASCAR represents. Expect 76 Lubricants to continue to be on the lead lap. We’re not only the choice of champions, but winners as well. See you in the Victory Lane.

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