76 Lubricants RedTac

When Wallace Cannon opens the hood of a car, he sees red. As the owner of Cannon’s Racks and Axles in Columbus, Georgia, that’s exactly what he hopes to see. During the eleven years he’s been in business, Cannon has dabbled with different kinds of greases and has come to depend on 76 Lubricants’ RedTac.

“I’ve had customers come in five years after I worked on their car,” Cannon says, “and the grease is still red and intact; it hardly has any signs of wear.”

Cannon has built a solid reputation on providing excellent service and quality work. To maintain that high standard, Cannon carefully chooses products that he’s personally tested and found to be exceptional.

RedTac Grease plays a vital role in the success of Racks and Axles. Without it, Cannon would have to do a great deal more work with just short-term results. As Cannon explains, “it is crucial to use a grease that can withstand time and wear to ensure part longevity and little necessity for repair or replacement work.” He knows both his business and costumers are ultimately saving money by purchasing RedTac, versus spending less on grease that will not fight corrosion during daily operation.

Cannon’s great working relationship with Phil Carter, the Whatley Oil and Auto Parts rep who provides Racks and Axles’ quality products, also contributes to the company’s success. Cannon knows he can rely on Carter to consistently supply innovative 76 products just as Cannon’s customers can depend on his great service. It’s a relationship built on mutual trust and common high standards.

76 Lubricants’ products and representatives meet the demanding standards of Cannon and his customers. RedTac’s longevity and ability to protect parts against corrosion, as well as Carter’s reliability, save Cannon valuable time, work and money. Cannon trusts the 76 Lubricants’ Company with his reputation because he is confident they serve the integrity of his business.

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