D*lush on MTV

San Diego, CA –April 12, 2004– D*lush is a reality TV star, thanks to the cast of MTV’s hit show, the Real World. D*lush Beverage Joint’s pumping music, flashing lights and delicious product lured the cast to Fashion Valley Mall for treats again and again during their time in America’s Finest City.

The most recent proof of the Real World cast’s devotion to D*lush was on Episodes 14 and 16. On Episode 14 Cameran wore D*lushious shorts while Frankie purchased what will become a 220-pound Burmese python. Episode 16 featured Jamie in a black D*lushious tank top and Cameran, again, in her D*lushious shorts at Belmont Park in Mission Beach.

Watch the Real World San Diego on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, 9:00 CT for more D*lush amid the drama of seven eclectic strangers living together in one house. Visit www.dlush.com for smoothie, coffee, tea and treat menu.


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