Cut Paper Butterfly Wings

Made these monarch wings out of hand cut scrapbook paper for a family shoot with photographer Brittney Williams. You can see more from this session at!


More Pirate Photo Styling with Captain Jack Sparrow

I can remember being a kid, combing the grade school library shelves, searching for something magical to read and coming across a cloth bound book with the words “Treasure Island” embossed in gold along the spine. I had no idea what it was about or how famous it was; the title alone inspired me to immediately start reading. The excitement I felt when Jim (just a kid like me!) left home for adventure, the terror when he hid in the apple barrel and discovered Long John Silver’s plot, and the thrill of discovering the treasure in Ben Gunn’s cave are all a huge part of why I’m such a voracious reader to this day.

I hope to pass that on. Superboy and I spend a lot of time together with our favorite books and I love when he runs off after a particularly good story and comes back in some kind of costume he’s rigged to look like the illustrations.

We both absolutely loved these old books that Brittney brought to our pirate photo shoot! These pictures of Superboy reading are some of my favorites…

This one reminds me of the dirty pirate feet you pass under in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land…

Captain Jack running from Blackbeard, aka Daddy…

Hello Kitty Mermaid Art in 3-D Cut Paper

Hello Kitty as my favorite mythological creature! She’s currently framed in my office next to her sister. She’s all hand cut scrapbook paper with foam board in between her layers to make her 3-D. I bent some of the paper to give it a rounded effect before I glued it together.

My Cut Paper Chocolate Frog at Gallery Nucleus

So I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I’m huge Harry Potter fan! Really excited that my submission of my 3D cut paper Chocolate Frog was posted on the Gallery Nucleus HP blog yesterday. The Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition is in Alhambra, CA from July 9, 2011 – August 1, 2011…should be lots of fun! I am loving all the creative work on the blog, check it out here and leave a comment!