Arizona Photography Styling: My Little Pirate

My little Superboy takes playing pretend so seriously it’s more like method acting. His favorite character to be is, of course, Superman, but sometimes he hangs up the cape for this hilarious Captain Jack Sparrow hat with hair!

I just had to document the way he plays so I collected all the pirate gear he likes to use and brought it to a field of palm trees. Photos by Brittney Williams

Here Superboy is holding the map he drew and he was so excited when I suggested burning the edges to make it more authentic! The Jolly Roger flag is made from cut paper and the “treasure chest” on the right is a tool box that belonged to my husband’s grandpa.

Cut paper telescope…

And after finding the treasure…

I have a lot more from this photo shoot that I’ll post later in the week!

Angels and Space Rangers

Shots from this morning before Superbaby’s preschool Halloween party (thanks for getting up early to take the pictures, Jon!)…

halloweenb.jpgWhen Superbaby’s teacher asked him to tell the class what his costume was he said, “Buzz Lightyear! To infinity, and beyond!”