“Zachary Z. Packrat…

…and His Amazing Collections” by my very talented friend Brooke Bessesen and illustrated by Jenny Campbell:


This book achieves the near impossible by getting Superbaby to sit quietly for long periods of time! We both love the humorous rhyming text and Superbaby likes when Zachary dusts his collection of “poos.”

Look Who Lives in the Ocean!

One of Superbaby’s favorite books, written and illustrated by my very talented friend Brooke Bessessen:


I love the rhyming text, “fascinating facts” and gorgeous pictures created with colorful fabrics! Read reviews here: http://www.amazon.com/Look-Who-Lives-Ocean-Splashing/dp/1932082824/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1250882568&sr=8-1

Living with an Artist

Superbaby, creator of parent acclaimed works such as
“Insatiable 2” and the enigmatic “Boy in a Box,” is single-handedly establishing
conceptualism as the dominant movement of the post-infant era. His idea-based
art defies traditional esthetics and reveals the inner workings of a mind in search
of a stable emotional and philosophical platform.


His recent installation piece “The Dining Series” was
comprised of splashes of spaghetti sauce reminiscent of Rorschach patterns. It
boldly tested the psychological, visual and literal flexibility of its viewers,
as it began on a hard-to-wash white shirt and continued across the surface and
underside of the dinner table.


The real genius of Superbaby’s works is that they keep art
fans guessing at their deeper meanings. Does “Corn in a Boot” mean that corn is
the foundation of American society? Or does it mean that lunch had all the
flavor of old footwear?


When asked the artist says simply, “Milk. Okay?”



Conceptual/Performance art by Superbaby. Top row, from left to right: Corn in a Boot, Insatiable 1, Insatiable 2, Puerility with Leonardo and Superman, Puerility with Leonardo. Bottom row: Boy in a Box, Cheerios on a Dark Counter and Bucket Head.