Cut Paper Art: Dancing Cupcakes

New cut paper wall art in progress today for a little girl who loves to dance. Here is the scrapbook paper I’m thinking of using along with the sketch:


Vietnamese Frog Drum

I love this hand-crafted guy that I picked up at the Phoenix Zoo gift shop! He’s eco-friendly (like all of my favorite toys!) because he’s organic and fair trade. When I run the stick along his back he makes a beautifully realistic croaking sound.

You can find his Big Brother, who has a very deep croak, at the San Diego Zoo and other little ones like him for sale at


Conversation from this morning:

Me: You can use this stamp to make birds on your paper, see?

Superbaby: Stamp table?

Me: No, don’t stamp the table, buddy, just stamp your paper.

Superbaby: Stamp chair?

Me: No just stamp the paper, here’s the stamp, go ahead.

Superbaby: Stamp hand?

Me: Okay, you can stamp your hand.

Superbaby: Stamp.
Stamp knee?

Me: I guess you can stamp your…

Superbaby: Stamp.
Stamp head? Stamp, stamp. Stamp nose?
Stamp. Stamp mouth? Stamp.

Me: Alright, that’s enough stamps for you…

Superbaby: Stamp dog?
Stamp, stamp.
Stamp wall…