Theta and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Client Description
Bristol-Myers Squibb, a Fortune 500 company, is perhaps best known to the public as a stalwart of the personal care industry. Products like Analgesic, Excedrin and Enfamil make the company a household name but most of the company’s sales come from prescription pharmaceuticals, particularly oncology, cardiovascular and anti-infective drugs. The company’s best selling pharmaceuticals are Pravachol, Plavix and Taxol. Through its subsidiaries, Mead Johnson and ConvaTec., the company also makes nutritional supplements, ostomy supplies and wound-cleansing products.

Project Achievements
Successfully sent a 3MB movie to 25,000 people through bulk emailer.

Technical Highlights
3MB Download
Theta’s major hurtle with this project was the fact that most email software prohibits users from accepting 3MB files (not to mention that it is bad email etiquette to send such large files). Theta solved this problem when other developers could not by developing a 13KB, emailable control panel that initiates a real-time stream of the movie activated by a play button. In addition to the normal play, stop and fast forward functions the control panel also detects the amount of the movie downloaded and automatically plays it once there is enough of the movie downloaded for it to run without disruptions.

Multiple Platforms
Because users would be utilizing different platforms Theta developed a multi-tiered detection system that allows all platforms to receive the 13KB control panel in their email.

Client Testimonial
“Faced with one of the most challenging projects Bristol-Myers Squibb had ever given us we turned to the experts at Theta. They handled a complicated project on unimaginably tight deadlines with aplomb and acumen unmatched by our other partners. Theta is truly a rarity among interactive agencies: inventive, thorough, prompt and affordable.” –Troy Hollar, MetaFoundry

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